The Commons

September 1, 2020




South Street Energy is pleased to welcome residents of The Commons to our growing embedded network community.

This is the first time South Street Energy has converted an existing apartment building to an embedded network with the overwhelming support of owners and residents.

Located in Brunswick, Melbourne, construction of The Commons was completed in 2013 and consists of 24 residential apartments and four commercial tenancies with a 7.5 stars NatHERS rating.

Designed by Breathe Architecture, The Commons has served as a prototype for Nightingale Housing and is located directly opposite Nightingale 1.

The Commons pioneered many new design concepts for urban apartment living, including no car parking spaces, shared spaces & facilities, and reduced materials, gaining widespread attention and sweeping national Architecture awards in 2014.

Conversion to an embedded network rationalises costs and enables owners to access 100% green energy at affordable rates.

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