Welcome to South Street Energy

South Street Energy is an Australian company helping tenants within apartment buildings, retirement villages and other strata title communities.

Tenants from all around the country are turning to us to become part of our growing neighbourhood of satisfied energy users.

Our commitment is to deliver outstanding service and exceptional savings.

South Street Energy is totally open and transparent so you always know that you are getting a fair deal.

Recent Blog Posts

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    It’s easy to offer enormous % discounts when the price is inflated. For many years energy retailers have promoted ever increasing discounts to attract customers.  Discounts are now as high as 43%.  […]
  • Retiring Gracefully
    South Street is pleased to welcome the the staff and residents of St John’s Retirement Village to our neighbourhood. Located in Somerville, Victoria, St. John’s provides independent living […]
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    To all the residents of Nightingale 1, welcome to South Street! Nightingale Housing is leading a housing revolution in our cities by constructing multi-residential buildings that are financially, […]