Nightingale East

November 16, 2019




South Street has launched its third Nightingale Housing embedded network in Brunswick East, Melbourne.

Developed by Lucent Capital, this is the first Nightingale Housing project developed under license by a commercial property developer. The site was previously a petrol station, which the directors of Lucent Capital were determined to remediate, with features including vertical and rooftop gardens that have become synonymous with Nightingale Housing developments.

Comprising 28 apartments, residents pay about $200 a year less for their electricity than households using the same amount of electricity under a retail electricity supply contract.

Like other Nightingale Housing embedded networks managed by South Street, only 100% green electricity is purchased for the entire building from sustainable electricity retailers.

Green electricity is purchased in bulk and only one network charge is applied at the connection point for the entire building, giving residents direct access to the lowest possible electricity costs.

The monthly retail electricity bill for the community is apportioned to each apartment by the percentage of energy consumed during the equivalent period so residents share fairly in the benefits of the lower electricity supply costs.

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