Another Nightingale Soars

August 5, 2019




South Street is pleased to welcome the residents of Nightingale 2 to our growing embedded network community.

Located in Fairfield, Melbourne, the project is a collaboration between HIP V. HYPE and Six Degrees Architects in association with Nightingale Housing.
Comprising 20 residences over five floors, this low-rise apartment building continues to demonstrate that small embedded networks can deliver real savings to residents.

Like Nightingale 1, South Street apportions the dollar value of the retail electricity bill for the entire community by the percentage of energy consumed by each residence during the equivalent period.

With this method, South Street fairly distributes the benefit of roof top solar to all residents without the need or cost of additional wiring infrastructure and hardware.

Nightingale 2 residents enjoy average savings of $200 a year in comparison to residential rates, less pay-on-time discounts, available from major retailers.

Nightingale Housing is leading a revolution in our cities by constructing multi-residential buildings that are financially, socially and environmentally sustainable.

South Street continues this philosophy through the operation of embedded networks that deliver real savings and energy efficiency outcomes to residents.

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