How much do you really pay?

It’s easy to offer enormous % discounts when the price is inflated.
For many years energy retailers have promoted ever increasing discounts to attract customers.  Discounts are now as high as 43%.  But retailers never promote the rates those discounts apply to, meaning that you might pay more than an offer with a lower discount.

From 1 July 2018 energy retailers are prohibited from discounting if the starting rates are higher than the retailer’s standing offer. But this won’t help you entirely.

The best way to know what deal you are getting is to go the retailer’s website and look up their pricing fact sheets for your postcode, which must disclose the rates, inclusive and exclusive of GST, percentage discount and how it is applied.

It is important to remember that most retailers apply the discount only to the energy rate, not the daily service charge.  Only a few retailers apply the discount to the entire bill; these retailers usually advertise lower discounts but you may actually be better off.

Retiring Gracefully

South Street is pleased to welcome the the staff and residents of St John’s Retirement Village to our neighbourhood.

Located in Somerville, Victoria, St. John’s provides independent living accommodation and serviced apartments with full time, on-site emergency care for residents, who enjoy an independent lifestyle with likeminded individuals.

St John’s is also committed to environmental sustainability with two thirds of accomodation units connected with rooftop solar generation and hot water heating.

South Street values retirees and the contributions they have made to Australia.  Now it’s our turn to give back and we look forward to contributing to the future development of St John’s for the comfort and benefit of all residents.