Milieu Big $avings

December 1, 2018




South Street welcomes the residents of 3 York Street to our neighbourhood.

Developed by Milieu Property, 3 York Street has been shortlisted for the Victorian Architecture Awards and House Awards.

The building is skinned with operable external louvres for each apartment, providing not only a dynamic look over the exterior but also a means to keep apartments cool in summer and warm in winter.

Double glazed windows and cross ventilation further minimises electricity usage.

As an embedded network there is a single electricity retail contract for the entire building, which is apportioned to each residence based on the percentage of electricity each has used.

A rooftop solar PV system feeding into the building helps to reduce the monthly retail electricity bill for the building, with the savings passed to each residence proportionately also.

Comprising 26 residences and one restaurant, this low-rise apartment building demonstrates that small embedded networks can deliver real savings to residents.

3 York Street residents are expected to enjoy average savings of $200 a year in comparison to residential rates, less pay-on-time discounts, available from major retailers. The restaurant is expected to save between $600-$800 a year when fully operational.

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